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Heather Lambert

Entrepreneur / Consultant / Trainer


Heather's vision is to help you find your wheelhouse, take the steps necessary to function as an expert and to support you in your personal mission to change your world!    

Hope is the belief that something good may happen and the intent to make it so.

Heather Lambert, LPC CSC

In June 2017, Heather Lambert closed the door for the last time to her office as a public-school employee.  That final click ended a 17-year career in education where Heather worked as a high school Spanish teacher, school counselor and administrator.  Heather could no longer quiet the deafening cry of those impacted by disparities in mental health access in her communities.  As an army of one, she believed she could make a difference.  Four years later, Heather is the founder of 2 counseling centers with a team of 50 clinicians and support staff with 5 locations in the Greater-Houston area, serving 5 school districts with on-campus services, and over 5,350 students and families in 4 years. 


Heather is driven by her personal belief that “No one should hurt alone.”  The Clearhope Counseling practices exist to remove access barriers to high-quality mental health services.  In January 2020 Heather was appointed to the 86th Texas Legislature Mental Health Task Force (HB 906) to study and evaluate mental health services that are funded by the state of Texas to support and improve mental wellness in public schools across the state. 


Heather has been married for 28-years to Pastor Brian Lambert.  Brian and Heather have an adult daughter, twins who are freshmen in college, and an adopted daughter who is a freshman in high school. 


The Overcoming Series is a part of Heather’s mission to empower all who dare to believe in the power of HOPE! 

About Heather
Heather's Book

The words we speak create the world in which we exist.  Our words do not only affect us, but they also affect the younger, more vulnerable among us who are living in the culture we are creating and learning from the ways we communicate.  Overcoming Toxic Air:  A Path to Healing and Hope-Filled Exhales takes readers on a 12-step journey to understanding the why behind the what we speak.  It encourages readers to accept social responsibility for every word personally uttered and the impact we have on others.  This work challenges readers to do the personal, reflective work of healing to embrace the power of personal influence and to make the conscious, daily decision to speak hope-filled words of life.



Heather Lambert


Phone:  281.937.2977 ext. 501

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