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How did Heather go from an independent therapist starting a BRAND-NEW practice in a cleaned out storage closet to a seven-figure producing team of 35 within two years?  Her use and view of utilizing data to drive decision making and training is THE number one answer! 


Heather's pilot course entitled -  Data Talks:  Are we listening?  includes 6 training sessions, 6 group consultation opportunities, and a one-on-one ONE-hour session with Heather in person or via video conferencing.

  The course includes: 

1.  What is a Data Talk?

2.  How to get your team to listen to data

3.  What to measure.  How to measure.  What to share.

4.  The SYSTEM.  From measuring to listening to responding.  How data drives EVERYTHING we do!

5.  Courageous Connections:  Building Teamwork

6.  Transform your mindset.  Transform your practice.

  • ONE-on-ONE one hour session with Heather

  • Weekly group processing sessions (2 hours, come and go, recorded to view later)

To learn more about Data Talks, please send an email to

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