Monday, March 28, 2011

Show off!

When Hannah, our firstborn, was a baby I loved to dress her up in cute little dresses and take her out and about.  Often, people would walk up to me at the grocery store, post office, or church and tell me, “She is so cute.”  I would reply, “I know!”  Brian told me the proper reply was “Thank you.”  But, I did know she was cute.  I was just agreeing with a fellow admirer.

Life lesson:  You are admired

God led me to read the Song of Songs for this season. I am eager to learn ways to love Brian better, and this book is a great love story authored by skillful lovers.  However, I felt God leading me to read it from the perspective of His perfect love for me.  He wants to teach me how to receive His love, how to bask in it, how to understand my worth in His eyes.  Song of Songs 2:4 says, “He brings me to the banquet hall, so everyone can see how much he loves me.”   Jesus plans to take me to the greatest banquet hall and present me to the Father.  His love for me is unfathomable.  He takes pride in me, delights in me, and loves to show me off as His chosen.  I am loved by the King of Kings.  I am His treasure….AND so are YOU!  Take His hand, He wants to lead you on an amazing journey and when He shows you how much He loves you, go ahead, say, “I know!”

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