Tuesday, March 22, 2011

God's favorite...

I love to spend time with each of my children, alone.  Tonight Jacob paid me a really big compliment and I told him, “Thank you, Jacob.  You are my favorite.”  I love to see the big smile as I secretly tell each of my children, “you are my favorite.”  The truth is, they are.  I love each of them so uniquely and so deeply. 

Life lesson:  You are God’s favorite

Acts 20: 32 says, “And now I entrust you to God and the message of his grace that is able to build you up and give you an inheritance with all those he has set apart for himself.”  Did you see it?  You are His favorite.  He sets you apart for himself.  He loves to build you up.  He loves to see the big smile and the wave of perfect contentment that floods over you as you experience his love.  He plans to give you an inheritance greater than you could ever even imagine.  The truth is:  YOU, yes, YOU are God’s favorite.  He loves you so uniquely and so deeply.  Spend time alone worshipping Him, and hear him say, “You are my favorite.” 

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