Saturday, January 29, 2011

Unfathomable love...

Had a great time taking Hannah to Old Towne Spring to have her pictures taken for her 14th birthday.  I cannot believe she is a teenager! As she posed for her photographs, I marveled at how beautiful she is.  It is so interesting to see a little bit of me in her cheeks and nose, and a lot of Brian in her eyes, mouth, and chin.  She allows her heart to be guided by God.  Now much of our parenting is just guiding her to pray about her decisions.  We know God leads her and speaks to her.  It thrills our soul to know, although she is losing her dependence upon dad and mom, she is transferring dependence to her Perfect Father.  We love her so deeply and are truly impressed by her convictions and passions to serve God with all she is.  I silently praised God for such a wonderful blessing of parenting Hannah.  She glanced at me occasionally while she smiled away as the photographer clicked.  During this time of worshipful praise, I felt a love message to my heart from my Father.

Life Lesson:  A perfect image

As I watched Hannah pose for pictures, I saw the image of Brian and me upon her face.  The Father reminded me of his love for me.  When He looks at me, He sees His image.  “God created people in his own image; God patterned them after himself.”  Genesis 1:27.  We are made in the image of a loving, perfect God.  When he looks at us, his heart is moved with love.  When we choose to follow His ways and depend upon Him, He delights in us.  What a beautiful love gift from the Father.  He loves me better than I am capable of loving Hannah.  That is an unfathomable love.  I sat in the warm sunshine with a light breeze blowing through my hair, one quick glance at Hannah, and I basked in the Father’s good gift of parenthood, and perfect gift of His love.  Bask in it today.  You are a child of the Most High, when He looks at you, He sees His image. 

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  1. In discipleship community we are on chapter 8
    Made in God's Image
    I love the quote
    "Human beings are the expression of the personal nature of the Creator"
    Thanks for taking the time to share in your blog
    Fred Matlack