Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Learning to drive...

I probably was not a normal teenager.  I didn’t want to get my driver’s license or learn to drive.  Nearing High School graduation, my dad pushed me to learn.  I remember we travelled a long, country road on our way home from church.  One day my dad pulled the car over and told me to take the wheel.  I was shaking before I even sat in the driver’s seat.  I slowly (and I mean slowly) began to drive the car. Sitting right beside me, my dad encouraged me to drive a little faster than 30 mph.  My younger sister teased from the back seat.  But I couldn’t do it.  I tensed up my body and sat as close to the wheel as possible with a white knuckle grip.  “I can’t see!”  I finally confessed to my dad.  He asked, “What do you mean you can’t see?”  I told him, “I can’t see the road!”  My dad quickly assessed the situation and realized I was trying to look at the road RIGHT in front of the car.  He encouraged me to change my focus.  He said, “You have to look out ahead.”  Once I stopped trying to see the road the car would travel in the next second, it changed everything.  I was able to relax, sit back, and even learned to enjoy the journey!

Life lesson:  Remember where to focus

I can’t help but think I still have problems seeing.  So frequently I focus on the immediate future, I think about what is next:  the bills, the kids’ activities, the messy house, and the ever-growing list of commitments.  I tense up and I forget the journey is not about the here and now.  Too many things crowd out the main thing.  I have to cry out to my Father, “I can’t see!”  He reminds me I need to adjust my focus.  In Luke 12:22 Jesus tells the disciples, “Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; nor about the body, what you will put on.”  Instead Jesus teaches us to seek him and his Kingdom first, and all the things we are worrying about will be taken care of.  He always directs my gaze upward!  When I am focused on him, I notice I can relax, sit back, and truly enjoy the journey! 

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