Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brownie countdown...

Tomorrow morning Brian, Hannah, and I will rise at 5 am and break our 21 day fast.  I must admit, I am starving.  I am desperate for salt, meat, and brownies!  But, I would not trade any yummies for the rich lessons I have learned over the last three weeks.  I learned so much about hunger, salt, and self-discipline.  It is crucial to learn to deny self.  I think fasting is a lost discipline in the Christian life.  I have neglected this area in my personal walk.  Now, I have lived the benefit, I know the power, and I understand the call to fast.

Life lesson:  Hunger has a purpose

This morning as we drove to church, I was hit by a terribly strong hunger pain.  I prayed for strength and determination to make it through the last day of the fast.  God begin to speak to me about hunger.  He reminded me, 21 days ago I ate until I was full of all the good things I have become accustomed to eating.  But this morning, 21 days later, it didn’t matter one bit.  My body was weak, empty, and desperate for food.  Isn’t that exactly how it is with the living Word?  Although there may be times in our lives when we feast on the word, seek Him diligently, and are actively involved in life-changing ministry.  We cannot live on yesterday’s food for long.  Jesus explained, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”  (Matt. 4:4)  His Word gives life.  Just as I need protein, calories, and nutrients to take my body out of starvation mode, I need the word of God to thrive as a believer. 

When my babies were little, if I was late feeding them, they let me know they were hungry.  They had an internal reminder of their hunger, and they knew they needed to eat.  Isn’t that what we see in our lives when we lack the food of the Word?  We begin to feel weak, faint, and empty.  We try to fill the emptiness with the pursuit of success, wealth, friends, food, drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex, fantasy escape thru TV, videos, books, or social networking.  But, we are left empty.  We cannot live by what the world offers, we need the word from the mouth of God.  The good news?  We have easy access to the Living Word any time we hunger.  As I go to sleep this last night with a gnaw in the pit of my stomach, may I never forget the word is full of living power and may I desire the pure milk of the word, more than bread or brownies!

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